Aunt Gail


Aunt Gail and Loretta Lynn

Aunt Gail and Loretta Lynn

Tonight I’m going to dinner with my Aunt Gail. She is in town for a school conference and I always love to see her. After I talked to her today I thought about this picture that I have saved on my computer. That’s Aunt G in the center holding the trophies with an expression that only a true rodeo queen can do justice.  And, yes, that’s Miss Loretta Lynn on the right. Aunt Gail used to be a rodeo queen and, if I remember correctly, this picture was taken at the 4-States Rodeo Arena in Texarkana, Arkansas (maybe Texas, depends on which side of the road it’s on and I can’t remember!). Loretta Lynn used to own the Lynn Rodeo Company and it later became Longhorn Rodeo. Years after this picture was taken, I met many of the people who worked for the Lynn Rodeo Company at that time.  Through the years, I probably heard my grandfather tell the story of meeting Loretta Lynn a thousand times. 


What really makes me smile is the clothes. I think it’s called lame’ and it’s really shiny and itchy. When I was a little girl, I would put on these sparkly cowgirl suits that hung in the back of my Aunt’s closet and beg her to let me wear them to school. She had gold, pink, purple, practically every color of the rainbow! She also had the colored felt cowboy hats to match! I was always devastated when she wouldn’t let me wear them to school. Now, I’m thankful. I’m thankful she didn’t let me be the strange kid who wore purple lame’ and a pink felt hat to school.


… if she had only been around to keep me from wearing that shiny silver glove and red-zippered Michael Jackson jacket to school in 7th grade, I might have made it through unscathed. I’m gonna ask her about that tonight!

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