My cousin’s five-year-old son, Parker, calls the early morning “dark-thirty”. 


In the morning, I’m getting up to go fishing at “dark-thirty” with my husband. I call the early morning many things that are not appropriate for this site — for now, “dark-thirty” will do just fine.


I’m not sure what many of the things in the tackle box above are, but I’m a little excited that the ones on the right are called “jitterbug”. I just like the sound of that.  I’m actually more worried about getting enough tea and snacks to get me through the morning than catching any fish. We went to Bass Pro Shops today. I think Bass Pro Shops is a shoe store and Nate thinks it’s a place to buy boats and fishing tackle. Either way, I got a pair of new shoes.


We are taking Vietnamese Sandwiches with us for lunch tomorrow and I will be posting the recipe soon. I’ve also got to find fishing-appropriate clothing and shoes before I go to bed tonight. Insert a big eye-roll from Nate here. 


See ya at “O-Dark-Thirty” aka %^**&^%%^%$%*



    I also thought it to be a good shoe store. As a matter of fact I need to go look for some more of these wonderful Croc sandals.

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