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Here we go! This is my first blog entry. Today, I went to lunch with my friend Angee. She got to have “grown up” lunch — meaning that she was out of the house without her two beautiful kiddos Isaac and Maxwell. 


We went to eat at San Marcos and discussed Keely’s birthday plans. We also stopped by my house on the way home to check out the progress on Nathan’s urban garden. Angee and Nathan love to garden. I love to eat things from their gardens so we all win!


I also got to show Angee my new camera and she took the photo above — pretty good for her first pic. It’s a picture of my “guitjo” or “backwoods banjo” — It chords just like a guitar, but it looks and sounds like a banjo!


Here’s my favorite photo of Angee. I took it a few years back at the Old Settler’s Music Festival in Dripping Springs, Texas. — She looks so pretty in this picture and we had a great time!




















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