Happy Birthday!


Last night was Keely’s birthday party and I think it’s safe to say we all had a good time. Angee was my co-host for the day. She came to my house around three and we set everything up. It was hard not to eat everything before the party started at six.  I picked up the cake shown above from La Baguette Bakery. We have had it before and it’s unbelievably delicious! This time I got it frozen and just set it out a couple of hours before the party.


Miss Angee

Miss Angee


Angee was the bartender until Duy arrived.  She made Nate a really tasty Cosmo. Nate likes to make these drinks sound really manly by calling them “The Mountain Man” or “The Tough Guy”, he’s not yet comfortable with the girly drinks.  Here’s a pretty shot of the final drink.  I had a sip and it was really good.



Below is a final picture of the table. We sat everything up in the living room, but like always everyone congregated to the kitchen island where we spent most of the night. Later we moved to the back patio. By the end of the night most of the food was gone and we sent leftover cake home with anyone who would take it! Nate and I still ended up with several slices in the fridge. 




I mixed up my rendition of a Fuzzy Navel for Nate. It’s about the only drink I know how to mix and I don’t really follow the real recipe. I put a shot of vodka, a shot of peach schnapps, a shot of pineapple juice, and fill the rest up with orange juice. I usually top it off with a little cherry juice or grenadine just to make it look pretty. It’s one of his favorites.




Then Duy arrived on scene and saved us all from my bad mixes. He’s a pro and so is Angee — we were in their capable hands the rest of the night. Duy won everyone over with a drink called “Nuts and Berries” — I don’t have the recipe for this post, but it is a creamy sweet cocktail that tastes like a decadent desert! It seemed like he was mixing one every few minutes! 


Here he is in action.





Lots of great conversation, cocktails and then a few tunes from Lisa Curl and Nate ended the night for us. Duy and the birthday girl stayed and helped me clean up everything and I think they left around 1 a.m. Today was just a lazy day for us (I did go to PF Chang’s with Duy for a bite to eat this evening and then to Barnes & Noble to read for a bit). However, with the exception of the cake, we woke up to no leftovers, no dirty dishes and no one sleeping on the sofa. That’s a successful party in my book!



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