1. Paula Ann

    Oh Misti, what pictures! I had tears during the ceremony but tonight while I relived those wonderful memories through your lens…..I just bawled. Praise the Lord you’re taking the time to do this again. You and Nathan don’t have to say a word I already know you both are too busy for this….but you have such a natural talent/eye for photography, please, use God’s gift as often as feasible.
    I don’t get to see you as I would like, but that is my fault because I am the older one. When I talked to your mother tonight on the phone I shared with her you are more beautiful than ever. Misti, you glow with inner radiance. I am very proud of you.
    Lovingly, Paula Ann
    aka Marmee

    P.S. I would still like to give you two a tour of the old house next time you come in if time permits. If not I will just meet you wherever you are going to “stay” for tea/coffee and cookies. I will bring the goodies–plus, the box of photos.

  2. wtokie2

    That may be the coolest Double Cola sign I have seen ‘in the wild’. The skull is the perfect touch. Nice shot 🙂

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