Busy Day

Yesterday was a busy day.

I started off the morning with a trip to meet friends at the American Quarter Horse Youth Association Trade Show at the OKC Fairgrounds. While I did this, Nate once again proved just how awesome he is by going to the grocery store and reigning in the chaos at home before his mom came for a short overnight visit.

My long-time friends, Johna and Dayna (sisters), have a western gift business and go to trade shows all across the land.  In my younger days, my best-friend Lisa and I would often travel with them to various shows to work. We have literally logged thousands and thousands of miles together going to trade shows or rodeos. The last few years we’ve all been so busy with life that it’s been awhile since we’ve seen each other.  Lisa has just moved back to the area and we decided to go visit Johna and her mom Mary at their trade show booth yesterday.  This fishy face greeted me:


I also discovered that Johna and Dayna have a jewelry line that features the late Lenore Rowe. Lenore was a great friend of mine and had a real impact on my life. I can say with 100% certainty that she would love these pieces of jewelry! I often find notes in Lenore’s handwriting from when we worked on the opening for the Dickson Rodeo, the ads for the newspaper, and the sponsor announcements. Each time I come across one of these notes it really makes me miss her.




It was so good to see Lisa, Johna and Mary. There is a lot of history there. When Lisa and I were in college, their house was exactly halfway between home and school.  It was our pit stop most weeks for laundry, help with homework and dinner. I won’t even get started talking about trips to the National Finals Rodeo in Vegas or working a Western Gunfighter’s Show in Branson where I met The Virginian, James Drury (had to Google that one) or Lisa learning how to drive a stick-shift at three a.m. in the mountains of West Virginia while pulling a horse trailer. All those stories will have to wait.

It was just good to see them! Mary has been struggling with a long-term illness, but I would say she is one loved lady. Johna, Dayna and their dad (J.O.) really take care of her in a way that just makes my heart swell. Lisa and I were glad to hug Mary’s neck and kid her a little bit about keeping J.O. in line. I made Lisa and Johna pose for a quick picture and I hope I get a chance to see Dayna when she gets to town later this week.


Their booth is always amazing and you can see their website at www.cowboysanta.com.  Dayna is a talented artist and designs many of their products.  Here’s the big picture of their booth. Beware if you are going to work for them at a trade show. They have been known to decorate 50 Christmas trees in a 20’X30’ foot booth in the middle of July!


I did find this item at their booth that brought a smile to my face.


I came home shortly before my mother-in-law arrived for a visit. We always love it when she comes because we usually just hang out, cook something good and visit. This time she brought us these cute little bowls that you will likely see in future pictures. She also brought me some Bath and Body Works lotion and gel that I absolutely love!


It was a good day with friends and family.



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  1. The Christmas ladies!! I had so much fun with them when all went to Texas Uprising in FW. So nice to see Lisa’s pretty face again, too!!!!

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