1. lexy883

    All I want to know is…How in the world did you get to stay in the Stuart family, and not like Cabbage and Chicken & Dumplins??!! I think I should meet with the elders, and talk this over with them. Wait, we are the elders!!!! Oh, never mind!

    P.S. I was the weird child that ate everything that the other kids wouldn’t!

  2. Paula Ann

    Looking at me you would think there wasn’t any food I didn’t like as a child. I will admit there weren’t many…..buttermilk was a strong one, avocados, eggs, pizza (I remember when it first became popular in these parts, I wasn’t even in school). Was actually in my 40s before I started liking buttermilk and avocados.
    Misti, until I saw this photo of Aunt Sue I never realized how much you do really favor her. Bekki’s favor pie is Buttermilk and I always make it for her at Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year I will use Aunt Sue’s recipe, thank you.

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