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I read a recent post from earlyriser about music. Then I read a post from the Big Mama Blog about how the radio could see right into her soul. Then I sat and thought for 12 hours straight about sad country songs. Then I started Walkin’ the Floor Over You and was terribly upset that I’ll Never Get Out of this World Alive. Okay, that’s enough. I know when to stop.

My long and rambling question to myself ended up being this: If I had to drive from my home in central Oklahoma to California without a radio or Ipod; and I could only have one mixed cd, what songs would I put on it?


Oh dear … I usually pack hundreds of cd’s for a short road trip. I usually scan the radio for hours. I skip recklessly through songs only stopping for those that catch my ear. I’ve lived in the radio-land-of-plenty and I hate this question!

I’ve also had some experience. I once drove from Southeastern Oklahoma to Gillette, Wyoming with my five cousins to the National High School Rodeo Finals. We were on a limited budget and we only had one cassette tape. It was Toby Keith’s first album. That was almost 15 years ago and to this day, I get chills when I hear these words, “I bet you’ve never heard ole Marshal Dillon say Ms. Kitty have you ever thought of running away…” The chills I’m talking about are those from being trapped with the wrong cd for 1200 miles. I still have a little admiration for my cousin David who calmly rolled down the window and threw out that cassette somewhere near the Kansas/Colorado line on our way back home. Not one of us said a word. I think we were all a little upset we hadn’t done it earlier.

So, if given the choice, what songs would I choose? First, I need to be realistic. While many cd’s hold 18-20 songs, I’m going to keep it real at 15. Be prepared. Remember … I’m a little bit country with a splash of 80’s hair band with some MJ and the artist I’ve always known as Prince. I’m taking a deep breath. I think I can do this …

In no particular order and based solely on my mood and taste right this very moment:

  1. Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
  2. Dreadful Selfish Crime by Robert Earl Keen
  3. Dublin Blues by Guy Clark
  4. Bluebird Wine by Rodney Crowell
  5. Soulshine by Gov’t Mule
  6. Long Ride Home by Patty Griffin
  7. The Way I Am by Merle Haggard
  8. Blue Bayou by Linda Ronstadt
  9. Faith by George Michael
  10. Rex’s Blues by Townes Van Zandt
  11. No Time to Cry by Iris Dement
  12. Beauty Way by Eliza Gilkyson
  13. Lavender Blue by Keith Sykes
  14. Return of the Grievous Angel by Gram Parson
  15. Walk the Line by Johnny Cash

    That just took a lot out of me.

    Angee is going to beat me up because there isn’t one single Ryan Adams song on my mix. There’s no Hank, Sr., there’s no Wilco, there’s no George Straight, there’s no Prince, there’s no Dolly, there’s no Bon Jovi…! Oh dear. I’ve gotta start all over.  Actually, I think my mix is going to be a box set!

    If you could only have one mixed cd, what songs would you put on it?


    1. recessionmama

      That’s so funny! I can just imagine that road trip.

      What about “Seven Year Ache” by Rosanne Cash? Thought it was a favorite of yours.

      I would have to have Ryan Adams’ version of “Wonderwall” and “When The Stars Go Blue” and Wilco’s “Jesus Etc.”

      “Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin if Misti were in the car because we like to sing that together (not that I can sing) “Trouble” by Ray LaMontagne, “Please Read The Letter” by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

      And I’m sorry y’all but in order to not sink into a funk and drive off a cliff I would have to add “That Was Yesterday” by Foreigner, “Hypnotize” by The Notorious B.I.G, “A-Punk” by Vampire Weekend, “Save Room” by John Legend, “September” by Earth Wind and Fire, “Kids” by MGMT, “Sex On Fire” by Kings of Leon.

      A couple of “driving” songs… “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way” by Waylon Jennings, “16 Days” by Whiskeytown and duh! “On The Road Again” by Willie Nelson.

      And for a touch of nostalgia I would add “Don’t You Forget About Me” by Simple Minds, “I would Die 4 U” by Prince, and “Need You Tonight” by INXS.


    2. Johna

      Just the idea of being limited to 15 songs for a road trip is scary. I’d probably fall asleep at the wheel. Your choices are excellent, but I’d need at least a shot of “Radar Love” to wake me up. Plus some western swing and a few longer cuts like “Choctaw Bingo” (James McMurtry) or “The Road Goes On Forever” (REK) or even “Alice’s Restaurant” (Arlo Guthrie).

    3. Lisa

      I’ve made that drive & MAN you’d have to have some good tunes! “Long Ride Home” is appropriate & wonderful! Fits nicely with the wide-open Arizona portion that would have to include random pit stops at things like “Come visit the Mystery Creature” you see for about 6 billboards. 🙂

    4. erin porter

      Misti, I have taken this FAR too seriously.

      Although most of these songs could be considered “favorites” I chose based on what I
      could hear over and over, not necessarily the songs I listen to over and over in a typical day. Why is this important? I’m not sure. But wow is this list great?!

      1 ben kweller- wasted and ready
      2 indigo girls-power of two
      3 modest mouse- float on
      4 prince -sexy MF
      5 modest mouse – Third Planet
      6 Calvin Harris-Merrymaking at my place
      7 Counting Crows – Mr Jones
      8 Fast Love – George Michael
      9 Beck -Girl
      10 The Films – Belt Loops
      11 Iron and Wine -Waiting for Superman (lips cover)
      12 Michael Jackson -Don’t Stop
      13 Gladys Knight -Midnight Train to Georgia
      14 Joni Mitchell – Case of You
      15 George Michael – Too Funky

      so be it.

    5. earlyrisers

      Okay, in no particular order, here is my list:
      And let me just say, it’s taken a LOT of thought!

      1. Florida – Patty Griffin
      2. Take Five – Dave Brubeck
      3. Feeling Good – Nina Simone
      4. Let It Ride – Ryan Adams
      5. Mining Town – Whiskeytown
      6. Country Road – John Denver
      7. My Philosophy – Ben Folds
      8. Soup – Blind Melon
      9. Dream On – Aerosmith
      10. These Days – Jackson Browne
      11. Unforgetable Fire – U2
      12. Shakedown Street – Grateful Dead
      13. Paranoid Android – Radiohead
      14. Penny In A Slot – Fionn Regan
      15. Rescue Blues – Ryan Adams

    6. ivelostmyself

      ok. this is really sarah. and i have to tell you that you forgot chris ledoux on your list. one of these years i may be able to weed down a list of 15. but right now the thought stresses me out too much. so maybe later.

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