New lens


So Nate ordered me some photography goodies for my birthday. He’s dangerous on Amazon. He chose a 70-300 zoom/macro lens and I’m just now getting to play with it. I still need lots of practice, but I’m getting the hang of it. It will allow me to get very close to things like one of Nate’s flowers above and these banana peppers out in the garden


Or these jalapenos that Nate was cutting up last night.


If you feel the need to get up close and personal with a coke bottle, here’s your chance.


Here’s the first picture I took with it! Ooops … 


Let’s hope I continue to improve. Either way, thanks sweet Nate for the photo goodies!

If you are visiting me over the next few weeks, I will try not to post close-ups of your blemishes or peeling nail polish. It will be hard not to post them to show off my new macro lens skills, but I will try. Promise.

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  1. holly

    Glad to know you like that lens. It is next one i want to get. I recently bought a 50mm/f1.8 lens for low-light photography, but now need something similar with some more reach.

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