Blue Corn Chipotle Shrimp Bites

One of my favorite restaurants is Z’Tejas in Austin, Texas. Perhaps I love it so much because I see so many friendly faces there. Several friends have worked there through the years. Including my friend Clay who sometimes works the bar and my BFF Brent who was a waiter there at one point. The list … [Read more…]

Happy Birthday Aunt G!

It’s my Aunt G’s Birthday! Here is a great  picture of my Uncle Floyd, my mom Debbie (center) and Aunt Gail taken in 1964.  I love the shirts my mom and Gail are wearing. My Nanny probably sewed them.  There are a lot of August birthdays in my family. 

Corn Tortillas… muy bueno!

Nate could eat Mexican food seven days a week. I could eat it five days and the other two would probably be Chinese food of some sort. Several months ago a box came from Amazon and inside it was a silver tortilla press glowing with possibility. “What is that man up to?” I thought to … [Read more…]

Busy Day

Yesterday was a busy day. I started off the morning with a trip to meet friends at the American Quarter Horse Youth Association Trade Show at the OKC Fairgrounds. While I did this, Nate once again proved just how awesome he is by going to the grocery store and reigning in the chaos at home … [Read more…]

Sweet Face

Just look at this sweet face. I love this face. Those of you who have met Sadie will know what I mean when I say this … Sigh. Dog-Hair Tumbleweeds