1. Dhita

    Hey in-law,

    Thanks for posting this in your blog. It was really nice to meet you guys and I had a really good and fun time, both of you made me laugh a lot 🙂 I hope to see both of you again soon.

    Tell Uncle Nate Dog we said hi.

  2. lexy883

    OMG!!!!! Like Nate Dog is holding a baby! Oh, it is sooo gonna happen when he comes in next time. I’m thinking he can babysit now. He knows how to hold them and tell them how to wipe their own rear. I think he is missing a calling.

  3. earlyrisers

    Well… Nate is a natural, we all know that. And I miss you guys, we had a big smoking feast on Saturday.. that’s why I called Friday. I’m sorry you missed out, but now I know you had much better company!! What a doll!!!!! xoxo

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