Bathroom Update — Pretty close!

We are getting close on the bathroom remodel. Actually, for the sake of all that is peaceful and good around our home, we are taking a hiatus for a few weeks. We are taking a break for Nathan to get some much needed rest. Hopefully, it will not be another two years before I post the concluding photos. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

Let me just say that Nathan is pretty much responsible for all the finishes in the bathroom including the vanity, mirror and shower doors. My part in all this was, “Yeah, I like brushed nickel.” He did the rest. And, when I say he did the rest, I mean he really did it all.

We still need paint, trim and to finish the closet. Otherwise we are pretty much there.



The shower is giving me that Hotel feeling which is good. Our other shower gives me that creepy summer camp shower feeling as in, “bring your shower shoes.” This one is good and I have made a promise that I will only have one bottle of shampoo and one bottle of conditioner in this shower at any given time. It’s gonna be tough, but I’m committed. I wonder if Nathan would notice an extra bottle of deep conditioning treatment? That’s really a different product entirely …

Angee brought me this great soap for a little bathroom gift. She’s thoughtful like that.


Nathan also installed this little gadget. It’s an automatic air freshener. It sprays when it senses movement, but only once every 30 minutes or so. It has only made me jump out of my skin when I hear it hiss about 20 times. He’s uhh…. well… thoughtful like that too.



  1. lexy883

    Looks great! Think he could come finish mine? As for the little sprayer thing…We have one in our Sunday school class. Dad sat below it, and when it went off, his mouth was open! YUM, lavender….

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