Last Saturday in Pictures

Last week we had an OU/Texas party since Brent was in town and he loves football. It’s seriously like a religion to him. I like pretty much any reason to have a party, so I was more than happy to host.

I must admit that I had forgotten how loud my group of friends are when they watch football. They really get into it. I also must admit that the only reason I’m publishing this tonight is so I can share this picture of Maxwell.


I’m afraid that Maxwell is going to stop recognizing me as a person and just think of me as a camera lens. Oh well, there’s nothing I can do about that.

Here’s a quick rundown of the day. We served Mamosas aka Man-mosas because the guys like them too. There were a lot of these shirts around…


OU played these guys…


But we were not very …


In fact, Texas was downright…


They won. We were all sad, but we all had one redeeming quality in common …


So we had more Man-mosas and visited with friends.

Eric, Duy and Brent

Eric, Duy and Brent

Some people pouted and changed out of their OU t-shirt, but I’m not naming any names.

We also laughed at these two kids…

Angee and Rip

Angee and Rip

And, I might have taken a few thousand pictures of this guy…


The end.


  1. wtokie

    It was the worst of games, among the best of people, and what a great time – thanks for having us! Oh, and that dang chili was out of this world.

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