Baked Eggs with a side of Whisky?

Note on 1/8/10: The spelling of Whskey or Whisky has been driving me nuts since this post. So, I did a little research online. It seems like it changes from country to country. Most sources said Irish Whiskey is spelled with an E. So, there. I feel better. It should say “Baked Eggs with a … [Read more…]

Basic Chocolate Cake with Walnuts

In the past seven days, I have left my house exactly two times. Granted, the two times I ventured out were for really important reasons. On Saturday, we had Christmas with Nathan’s dad and family. Then, on Sunday, Nathan declared he was going to Braums for a burger. I slid out to the truck in … [Read more…]


The snow and ice is slowly melting. You would think that I would have several holiday recipes to share, but I don’t. No excuses really. We had p0sole and empanadas for Christmas dinner. I was planning to post the empanada recipe, but they need some improving. We chose to bake them as opposed to frying, … [Read more…]

White Christmas

We’ve gotten a little bit of snow in the Oklahoma City area today. Alright, alright … we had a blizzard! It will definitely be a white Christmas. In case any friends and family check this site, I thought I would post a couple of photographs to show how much snow we have at this point. … [Read more…]

A Very Ya-Ya Christmas

Time is passing quickly as we head toward Christmas Day. I spent this past Saturday night with four great gals — Angee, Heather, Keely and Shayla. We decided to have a little party before Christmas and have appetizers and wine. I wish I had taken more photos of the food because it was great. Angee … [Read more…]

Good tunes…

Please pardon the Iphone picture. I’m such a timid photographer. I often carry my camera to a show or event and then I’m too shy to take pictures. Gah… last night I didn’t even bother taking my camera and there were so many people with big cameras that I would have felt totally comfortable. So, … [Read more…]

Going Home

Thanksgiving has long been a favorite holiday of mine. As I wrote in an earlier post, I grew up in an area where schools close for the entire week of Thanksgiving so everyone can campout in the woods and go deer hunting. For me, I always enjoyed sitting around the campfire and driving around the … [Read more…]