The snow and ice is slowly melting. You would think that I would have several holiday recipes to share, but I don’t. No excuses really. We had p0sole and empanadas for Christmas dinner. I was planning to post the empanada recipe, but they need some improving. We chose to bake them as opposed to frying, and as they always say … everything is better fried. They did look very pretty. Here they are in the oven.

The filing was great, but we need to work on the crust for the perfect empanada!

One thing I learned this Christmas is that holidays are just more fun when there is a baby around. My mother-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law and niece arrived at our house just before the great Oklahoma Blizzard of 2009. Therefore, I spent several days just watching this beautiful little girl. This is Kirana getting ready to do a sit-up. She is seriously strong and must have abs of steel. Just hold her ankles and she does sit-up after sit-up! I interrupted her workout for a photo — too cute.

Here is our other niece Candace. She is the reason I had to leave my good sense at home and purchase Britney Spears Perfume.

We traveled to Nathan’s dad’s house in Hinton on Saturday for Christmas. The main roads were really clear, but the side streets were still really slick. Nathan took his music equipment and the guys played some music after lunch. I, however, apparently fixated on a guitar and a quest to get perfect “bokeh” — thanks Pioneer Woman. Here are a few of the edited shots that I came home with. This is three of about 1,000 that I took.

Sometimes when I download photos from my camera I have to wonder … Did I really take 100 pictures of the same thing?? Is there a 12-step program for someone who is addicted to bokeh?

This Christmas I decided to try and use mostly re-usable bags for gift bags instead of wrapping. I was successful in about 95% of the gifts we gave. I looked for inexpensive bags that people could re-use for groceries or whatever. This bag was my favorite of all and I think it was the most expensive bag that I purchased at $2.99. When you compare that to regular Christmas bags that usually end up in the trash, it’s not a bad deal.

Nathan and I finished up the weekend with some Mac and Cheese from the PW website and I’m trying not to worry about taking down the Christmas tree.


  1. Lisa

    Ooooo, I love the Christmas bag idea! It’s like getting a gift with your gift! I will have to make a mental note of that for future gift-giving…

  2. Lindsey

    Hey, I’m as bad as Aunt Gail was about wrapping paper. I save all of my gift bags. I didn’t have to buy a single one this year! Now, that’s what ya call “goin green”. Oh, love ya Aunt Gail! I got all my money saving Christmas tips from you!

  3. Gail Woolsey

    I tried to give you girls good ideas. I use to use old newspapers with articles about the person to wrap their gift in , Really pretty with red ribbon.

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