I’m posting a picture of some ice I took right outside our front door just a little while ago. I planned on exploring the yard for beautiful ice pictures. However, when I opened the front door and the sleet hit me in the face, I was suddenly mesmerized by the photos I could get from my covered front porch.

Oklahoma is in the midst of an ice/sleet/snow event. It’s like Lollapalooza for a meteorologist, that’s for sure. Non-stop coverage, state of emergency — seems the only thing missing is a cool name. We got out a little while this morning to get a few necessities. If we don’t lose power, I may be posting a few recipes this weekend.

I do need to formally thank Nathan who braved the grocery store last night without me. There is no hell on earth quite like grocery store aisles the night before a major ice/sleet/snow event. I had psyched myself up for the trip and then I called Nathan and found he had already gone. I was thankful and I think it all worked out for the best. He didn’t know that I had already decided that I was going to the Braums’ market instead of the grocery store. That would have meant sugar cones, ice cream, milk and pie for the next four days. And, that would have just been terrible 🙂


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