The past few weeks…

I’ve learned a lot in the last few weeks.

I’ve learned that a dozen cupcakes are too many cupcakes for one birthday boy. I’ve also learned that cupcakes come in many different shapes and sizes.

Our good friends Chris and Elesha came for a visit and we shared some great Greek food, some great wine and many laughs. I realized just how much I miss hanging out with them.

Sunday brunch with the girls is something I look forward to all month.

Mamosas, good conversations, laughs … I’ve learned that I don’t just enjoy seeing my best girls … I NEED to see them. It’s good for my soul.

I’ve learned to eat more vegetables. And, I’ve learned to drink more water.

I also learned that when I buy groceries, I need to stand close enough to young guy ringing up my items that he can hear me name all the veggies for him. When we brought this artichoke down his line, he had no clue what it was.

I’ve learned that fresh vegetables are so much better in the summer.

Nathan has started his summer veggies and I can’t wait!

I’ve learned a little more about man’s best friend.

Sadie hasn’t been well. Facing the fact that she is getting old, hasn’t been easy. I still think of her as a puppy, but she is an old lady now.

I’ve learned there is a line of amplifiers that have the word BOOGIE on them. Seriously.

I think this is one of the most appropriate names ever. I’ve decided that all amplifiers should make such promises.

The last thing I’ve learned is something I never suspected. Look closely. Can you see it?

It’s so unexpected.

My husband has a Babyface Tremolo Lovepedal! Don’t think I didn’t make fun of him about this for hours.  I’m so impressed with guitar pedals. I want to collect them all — especially the ones that say things like Babyface and Lovepedal. I will take one in each color please. I don’t really know much about what these do, but they sound good to me — both figuratively and literally.

I’ve learned that sometimes it’s fun to take photos and leave them on your camera for a couple of weeks. When you look back at them, it’s fun to see what caught your eye and what you may have learned.


  1. Paula

    Oh Misti…Sadie is still beautiful! It is hard to believe that “my best dog friend” is now 14. Springer gets around alot slower, sleeps alot more, and his face is completely white now…but he is so loyal to me. He still rides the motorcycle with me…but we can’t go very far. What joy he’s put in my heart through the years. Love and miss you…

    • okiemuse

      I can’t believe Springer is 14! He would probably still bite me 🙂 I remember when Sadie gave him a hicky- they always got along great. She’s moving really slow these days as well. Love and miss you too!

    • okiemuse

      Me too — I will never forget that fateful day, late September, Austin, Texas when you walked into my life … the beginning of a great friendship! 🙂 Or, the next September, when we said, “This festival is just too hot, let’s go eat some pie.” Perfect.


    I miss Springer to. He liked me. I was one of the only ones. But he stayed with me and depended on me to get to eat. Therefore he became my Bud. Yes he is old also. They were both good dogs . Love Aunt G

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