Dirtshoe … no, really

Drew Smith and friends at the Ghost Bar (formerly the Gingerman Pub)

This time last weekend I was in Austin. I took a trip with Angee, her neighbor and long-time friend Tonie and Tonie’s sister-in-law Ashley. You still with me? I was confused for awhile myself. We also took along Precious Roy who is a long-time friend who I met in Austin many years ago. He is also a long-time friend of Angee’s. Just to keep things as confusing as possible, I should also mention that Angee and I met in Austin several years back at the Austin City Limits Music Festival and found out that we lived 30 minutes from each other in Oklahoma. We’ve been friends ever since.

Our destination was the Old Settler’s Music Festival in Driftwood, Texas. I love this festival because it has great music, fun workshops, tasty food and a river running through it. Music festivals can be hot and physically demanding — this one is usually pleasant in both respects. It’s kid friendly and has a peaceful, easy feeling that makes me feel right at home. Nathan and I got married just a mile or two up the road, so I have lots of good memories here.

I had only a few goals for this trip. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Go — I had to make myself not back out because of work — CHECK
  • Have Shrimp Bites and a Jalapeno Margarita at Z’Tejas — CHECK
  • See Patty Griffin up close — CHECK
  • Go to Whole Foods and walk around and wonder why Oklahoma doesn’t have such a cool grocery store — CHECK
  • Take some photos — CHECK
  • Go to MoMo’s — CHECK
  • Go to the Gingerman Pub — CHECK, sorta — The Gingerman is now called the Ghost Bar
  • Have a taco at Maria’s Taco Express — CHECK
  • Hug Clay’s neck — CHECK
  • Have a really good hair weekend — Uh… no way
  • Enjoy every minute — CHECK (unless you count walking through mud unenjoyable)

I should have added “keep dry” to the list. It was rainy on Friday night when we went to Z’Tejas, but the rain really set in on Saturday as we were having breakfast tacos at Maria’s. We headed to the festival and had several hours of pleasant weather before the rain moved in on us. Angee and I were enjoying Patty Griffin who had joined Buddy Miller on stage for his set when a few sprinkles turned into a downpour. I lost her in the chaos, but I found a building with a covered porch and a nice empty bench to wait out the storm. Angee, Tonie and Ashley joined me after a while and we watched the rain until it was time to go get a good place to see Patty’s set on the main stage.

I could try to describe the mud, the walk back to the car, how slick it was, and how the name of this blog doesn’t even begin to describe the scene — but I don’t think I could do it justice. I will say that I learned a lesson about wearing Croc flip-flops to a music festival. When plastic shoes get wet, its’ just not good. Looking back now though, it could have been much worse. I’ve been towed out of many muddy rodeo parking lots by  tractor-driving locals who see rain as a golden opportunity to make a few bucks. We heard great music, saw Patty twice, had some Salt Lick Bar-B-Que and we didn’t get stuck in the parking lot. All-in-all … it was a success.

Here’s a sort of recap of the weekend in pictures.

Roy, Angee and Ashley at MoMo’s

This band is like this blog’s first cousin or something … it was a little prophetic.

Fred Eaglesmith, the Ginn Sisters and a clown.

Buddy Miller — I love Gibson guitars!

Buddy Miller and Patty Griffin — only moments before the downpour began.

Ashley and Angee — We had proper rain gear, but we did not get the memo to bring really cute rain boots. Cute rain boots were everywhere!

Patty Griffin taking the stage.

Buddy and Patty right before we walked in the mud and headed back to Austin.

If I had to choose my two favorite photos of the weekend these two would be at the top of the list:

These ladies were enjoying the festival very much. Angee and I decided that this may be us in 20 years — at least we hope we are still having this much fun in 20 years.


  1. Lisa

    I can’t tell you how much these photos make me miss Austin. 🙂 What is it about that magical place?

    Note: I realize it is not actually IN Austin…but it still makes me think of it.

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