Pink is my signature color

We  officially have the first blooms of the season at our house. I’m pretty sure Nathan didn’t plan it this way but things are looking pretty pink around here.

In the back yard, this Red Bud Tree is blooming. Poor tree. It’s still hanging in there.

We wonder each year if it’s going to come back.

In the front yard, we have a wild plum tree that blooms and looks pretty for a short time each year. The rest of the year, it’s not all that pretty. I think it has character in a haunted house sort of way.

It’s pink too.

I took my first trip to the Garden Center with Nathan earlier today. He tried to talk me out of buying more pink flowers. I settled for a mix of colors.

Spring is in the air and if you need to find my husband … you can find him in the Garden Center at Lowe’s.


  1. Monica

    You know pink is MY signature color! That is too funny. Lindsey is right – blush and bashful it is. I totally need to go rent Steel Magnolias now…

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