Weddings by Day, Gardening by Night

A friend got married today.

Lisa and Tanner said their “I Do’s” at a beautiful church near downtown Oklahoma City. It was such a pretty setting for a very beautiful bride.  I snapped a few pictures.

I love wedding bouquets. I love Daisies of all varieties.

I can’t believe I didn’t eat a thing at this wedding, but I didn’t. I did get a picture of some of the food. This was some pretty cucumber sandwiches with dill and black olives. They looked yummy.

I have a fascination with cucumbers lately. They are so good and I never knew it.

The garden area outside the church was so beautiful. The bright flowers, beautiful benches, fountains and statues were all gorgeous.

After the wedding I made a pit stop at home and then met another friend named Lisa (we are from the same hometown and used to go by the aliases Asil Etap and Itsim Drofhsa) to catch up with an old friend Jalene. I’ve known Jalene since I was a 17 year-old-scared-college-freshman. We had a great night catching up and telling old stories. It was just a nice way to spend the evening. I love it when the table looks like this:

We were actually pretty tame, but there was a TV at our booth because we are very fancy.

This is Lisa and Jalene.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Nathan was at loose-ends today. That usually means trouble is brewing. It means I might come home to a house painted an entirely different color and the neighbors staring at me strangely.

This time it was utility lights in the back yard and night gardening.

Nathan loves to plant things and now he’s figured out a way to do it around the clock. I could see the glow of the utility lights from a block away.

Lisa and Angee, if you are reading this, Nathan has extra plants for you. Apparently, the things he wanted today were only sold in packs of nine and he only needed one or two of each plant. If you guys would like to arm wrestle for them, flip a coin or come to a peaceful resolution — we’d be more than happy to share. If you want Nathan to come plant them for you all I have to say is I hope you can stay up late.


  1. Lisa

    Which Lisa do you mean? Because if it applies to this one, I’m all about plant give-aways! I just started the garden yesterday & I am pumped!!

    PS: should I bring a CD-R to work tomorrow? I can’t get OVER your talent with a lens. There are several of your shots I’d love to frame. 😉

  2. okiemuse

    I think it’s the first Lisa to call and say “hey, I’m coming by, can I have some of those plants????”

    And, yes, bring a cd and I’ll get them for you.

  3. earlyrisers

    Luckily I’m the only Angee. No confusion there. 🙂 Oh.. and I’d be happy to arm wrestle either Lisa. hehehe

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