I’ve had some time on my hands

We’ve been spending weekends with our friends Chris and Elesha. Right this moment, I’m listening to everyone in the kitchen working on a tile back splash. Nathan is helping them do a retro 1950s kitchen remodel. Hopefully, I’ll post some pictures soon of the whole process.

Here are a few random photos I’ve taken during this project. I’m saving all the remodeling photos for a later post. Today I’m posting photos of flowers, hula skirts and cats. I really can’t explain it except to say that I have a macro lens and a lot of time on my hands.


  1. Keely’s comment is too cute!

    Great pics! I love the one of Cricket! And I’ll agree with Keely…Hula girl has got it goin’ on. Maybe I should get some coconuts and a tiny guitar. πŸ˜‰

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