Sadie: A story of dog-hair tumbleweeds and scared mailmen

My friend Heather once told me when she worked as a news reporter she often wrote obituaries for people who were still alive. When I asked her what in the world she was talking about, she said that if a public figure was about to kick the bucket, the reporters would go ahead and start getting the obits and facts together so they could do it right when the time came. Similarly, this post about Sadie was started a couple of months ago when I found out she didn’t have long to live. I knew that if I waited to write it, I would be too emotional and sad. I really wanted her stories to be nice and funny. So, a month or so ago, I started writing a few memories of Sadie.

She certainly deserves a post of her own. And, as I started thinking about how to sum up this little Australian Shepherd, I realized that Sadie and I had been like “peas and carrots” for over 12 years. If you don’t know me, this might not be all that interesting. However, if you are a close friend or family member, you will probably know some of these memories already.

To keep it as short as possible, I’m going to give you a bulleted version of Sadie’s life.

  • Sadie was destined to be a rodeo dog. It was unfortunate that she was so timid and wasn’t much into guarding a truck full of hay or running around chasing cows. It was fortunate for me that she wanted to be pet, go on road trips and eat Sonic food instead.
  • Don’t misunderstand me. Sadie was a guard dog. She hated the mailman (or mail-woman) with a vengeance. And, when a stranger approached, she could sound like a mean dog. She once saved my best friend Lisa’s home from being burglarized. A neighbor heard Sadie going crazy and the bad guy didn’t make it all the way through the window. An open window, broken flowerpots and one nervous dog, evidenced it all.
  • Sadie was the perfect houseguest. Over the years, she resided for weeks at a time with various friends and family members when I was on the road traveling from rodeo to rodeo. I’ve only had one complaint. Apparently, when she stayed with my friend Shayla, Sadie painted the walls in her house brown when she shook the mud from her coat after a rainy day. It has scarred Shayla for life and she couldn’t look at Sadie without thinking about it even years later.
  • Sadie would pee when she was nervous. You can ask our friend Brad. You can ask our friend Duy. You can ask my cousin Lindsey… well, pretty much anyone who ever met Sadie.
  • Sadie wasn’t a great housedog because she had long hair. When she stayed in the house, she would shed non-stop. I can try to explain the hair, but really I don’t think that you would believe how much hair she would shed in a day. Nathan would believe it. He was not fond of her “dog-hair tumbleweeds” as I called them. Several years ago, when Sadie became a full-time outside dog, we thought the hair problems would end. But, even today, we often find a little tuft of Sadie hair in the most unexpected places. I’m not sure that we will ever stop finding those little tumbleweeds in old boxes we packed up or when we move furniture and that’s okay with me. Sorry Nathan.

  • Once, my friend Keely stayed with me for a few months. Her cat Bonzi would slap at Sadie every time she walked by him. The entire time, Sadie never looked at Bonzi. For months, when Bonzi walked by, Sadie turned her head as if to pretend he didn’t exist. However, being the passive-aggressive dog that she was, every time Bonzi turned his head or fell asleep, she would sneak into Keely’s room and eat all of his cat food. It was one of the most entertaining relationships I’ve ever watched.
  • When I first moved to the big city, Sadie and I lived in a third story walkup in the hood. My best friend Lisa would “dog-nap” Sadie if she came to the city for a meeting or something. I would come home and she would be gone to Aunt Lisa’s.
  • Sadie loved being outside. When she was a housedog, someone would have to walk outside with her so she didn’t run off. She would get so excited if you asked her if she wanted to go outside. She would jump and run and spin and “walk-sideways” at the mention of the word outside. One snowy New Year’s Eve, my friends Scott and Lisa got her all wound up and then opened the front door of Lisa’s house. She bounded out and before we could say one word, she landed on a lady who was walking down the sidewalk after being over-served at a New Year’s Eve Party a few blocks away. Lisa, Scott and I stood there with our mouths open as this stranger rolled around in the snow with Sadie laughing and giggling. Scott was a gentleman and helped the lady get safely to her own house a block or two away.
  • Sadie loved kids. She was always been very gentle with kids. When Sadie was around two years old, my cousin Rayanna came to visit me with her two-year old daughter Hayleigh. Sadie and Hayleigh were getting along famously when Rayanna and I left the room to look at some clothes. We realized about ten minutes later that we hadn’t heard any sounds coming from the living room. Going back into the room, we found Hayleigh with no clothes on and Sadie wearing all of Hayleigh’s clothes including pink panties and a white turtleneck shirt.
  • Late one night, Lisa and I (with Sadie along for the ride) went to Taco Mayo and got two big orders of Nachos Supreme. We then stopped by a friend’s house just to run in for a minute. As usual, a minute turned into an hour and we realized that we left Sadie alone in the car with a bag full of smelly beef nachos sitting on the seat. We rushed to the car and found Sadie asleep and our Nachos safe and sound. I mean, really, we deserved to clean up fake cheese sauce from the seats!
  • Sadie loved boys. She was completely in love with our friend Brent. He taught her a game that was always her favorite. It was called, “Get the Shoe.” My cousin Le’Erin bought me some fluffy hot pink house shoes for Christmas. From the moment Sadie laid eyes on them, she was fascinated. One evening right after Christmas, I was reading on the sofa and Sadie quietly and gently pulled one of the shoes off my foot and took it to her favorite corner. She then came back and got the other one. They were her shoes from that point forward. She carried them everywhere, used them as her pillow and loved to play fetch with them. So, the “Get the Shoe” game was born.
  • Brent and Sadie used to go race in the park. Like Forrest Gump, Sadie would run like the wind. I still believe to this day that Sadie truly believed that Brent was her boyfriend. Brent was pretty fond of her too.

I want to let you know that Sadie passed away this past week and I am sad. However, if you knew Sadie, you would know that she would not want anyone to be sad because of her. She really just wanted peace and happiness and the mail delivery person to never come to our house again. So, I’m not trying to make anyone sad here – I just wanted to take a moment to share some stories about Sadie.

She looks like an old lady to me in this picture.


  1. Lindsey

    I remember trying to hide her from our landlord! And, she loved snow!! Along with Parker. Because, Parker would feed her human food! Sadie was a great dog! And, will be missed. I don’t cry when animals die. But, i’m crying after this post.

  2. Heather Fisbeck

    Oh, Sadie. Such a sweet dog. She really was your friend & a friend to lots of your friends. When we first met, I knew I would like you because you loved your dog as much as I loved mine.

  3. Holly

    Oh, sweet Sadie. So sorry to hear of her passing. I lived with Shayla during the mud incident. That happened before Jimmy moved in with us and “domesticated,” us, so needless to say, that mud remained on the walls for months after! I’m sure there is still some somewhere on the wall of that old house!

  4. Here I sit teary eyed and remembering the “mud room incident!” I think Sadie was out in the backyard and I was gone. While away, it started to rain. I rushed home to let her in. She stepped into the laundry room and with a mightly shake coated that room on mud in less than 2 seconds!!! I stood in shock for several minutes not knowing what to do! Sadie just looked up at me with those sweet eyes. I didn’t tell Misti about it until years later!!! RIP Sadie. You were loved and will be missed. So sorry for your loss Misti.

  5. Paula

    Misti…I am so sorry sweetie. I loved Sadie to. I know that I’m facing that with Springer soon…so I can only imagine how sad you are. Our dogs were our “best dog friends”! I’m trying to enjoy every minute that I have with Springer in his golden years. I’ll be thinking about you…Sadie was beautiful.

  6. BRENT

    “Sadie Girl” was the best girlfriend ever. I’ll forever cherish all the walks/runs we had together at Edgemere Park. Would love to go back there with her, if just for a day. Love you Misti.

    “You & Me, and our dog Sadie go together to the park.” Sang it all day.


    It was like a death in the family. We all loved Sadie. But she had stayed with all of us at some time. She will be forever remembered for the hair balls and lets face it who like a mailman, they bring bills!
    Jamey (Misti’s cousin) has named his new daughter Sadie Kyle. This is ironic sine the dog came from a Kyle and her name is Sadie. We take it very serious. Love you Sadie girl may you rest in peace. Love Aunt G

  8. Jennifer

    Thanks for sharing Sadie’s life and your love for her! What an amazing friendship : ) I wish all doggies had such loving homes. Lots of love to you!

  9. Mills Gotcher

    Oh, Misti, I’m so sorry about Sadie. I’m just now seeing your post… She was a wonderful dog! You know how terrified I was of most dogs but she was always so friendly and sweet. I know how much you loved her and so did she.

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