Tomato Days-of-Plenty

Nathan is saying that our tomato days-of-plenty are coming to an end. I’ve decided there is a lot of pressure when you grow a variety of tomatoes. We found ourselves saying, “what can we cook tonight that uses tomatoes?” We finally had to stop planning every meal around fresh tomatoes.

We’ve started giving away tomatoes so they don’t spoil on us. I’m not complaining though. Somewhere around October, I’ll start wishing for fresh tomatoes … and I’ll be out of luck!

Best thing from our garden so far this year has been the cucumbers. Nathan made some homemade pickles and they are fantastic. I’m not even a fan of pickles, but these … I love them so.

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    I always hate for the tomatoes to be gone. They are just so much better than the store. They just taste so good. Bacon and Tomato Sandwiches & Tomato Dip. Good pictures.

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