Corn Dogs and Funnel Cakes … Oh My!

Nathan played a gig this weekend in El Reno at the Canadian County Fair. There were corn dogs at this fair. There was also a vendor there selling lamps. I found that odd for some reason.

There were also funnel cakes. I haven’t had a funnel cake in years and years. Luckily, I can still say that today. I can’t say the same about a corn dog and neither can Nathan.

This guy was selling some pressed sandwiches and brownie sundaes — for the more upscale fair diner. It was tempting, but we stuck with the corn dog.

Having once had a career in rodeo, I’ve been to my fair share (no pun intended) of carnivals and county fairs through the years. I was pretty impressed with the Patriot at the fair last night. It’s the big ride in the background of the top photo of this post. Here is a photo of some brave souls hanging upside down on this ride. It stops and hovers straight up and down for a good minute or so and then it starts swinging again.

I begged Nathan all night long to ride this ride with me, but he was a chicken! I tugged his arm again and again to go wait in line, but he kept saying no. I finally came to grips that I would not be riding the Patriot – all because of Nathan. Right about now is where all my friends and family are saying, “yeah, right.” In reality, I can’t believe anyone would get on this thing! I’m not a fan of carnival rides — just looking at this made my stomach do flip-flops.

The carousel is more my speed, but then again, these horses looked pretty scary too!

When I’m at a carnival, I always think of my best friend Lisa who hatched a life plan for us one hot July when we were in Tennessee working a rodeo. We were going to sell Lemon Chills at county fairs and rodeos for a living! We were probably around age 23 and we had big dreams, man. Lisa’s mother quickly shut our plan down. She pointed out that we had both recently graduated from college and selling Lemon Chills was not a career path. She was right. We should have based our plan around Indian Tacos anyway. They have a much wider appeal and sales are not driven by hot temperatures.

Regretfully, Lisa and I will never know if we could have built the Lemon Chill empire of our dreams.

Now, back to the music at the Canadian County Fair.

Look closely and you can see the Patriot in the background.

It was a lovely night for a fair in Oklahoma.

The band sounded great. The crowd was full of friendly folks and there was a nice cool breeze blowing.

After Camille’s band played, her parents took the stage.

The Harps play lots of songs I grew up listening to like Rainy Day Woman by Waylon Jennings and Black Coffee by Lacy J. Dalton.

Nathan and I walked around the fair with his dad, Steve, and then sat in the bleachers and listened to the last set.

Sadly, there were no Lemon Chills to be found.



    Cool breeze ws blowin’- my ass. It was hot. I know you. Ride the Patriot!! Who you kiddin’. Sounds like you and Nathan have been having way to much fun without me.

    • okiemuse

      Gail! I keep writing these posts so you will post things like “Cool breeze was blowin’ — my ass.” That made me laugh right out loud. You are my inspiration. Love love love you!

  2. Misty, I would have totally ridden the Patriot with you!….well, I WOULD have…had some guy not told me that someone “lost their corndogs” whilst spinning upside down in that thing. Booooyyy, I’d hate to be the one on the other side of that gravity pull.

    Can I say that having Nathan in the band is pretty cool, I guess….but getting to see you much more often is icing on the cake, I tell ya!

    See you next brunch! XOXO

    • okiemuse

      LOL! Thanks girl – That’s just too bad about us missing out on our spin on the Patriot.
      And, yes, I’ll be at the next brunch fo sure. I’m not missing out again!


    I knew you wrote this for me. You get all your talent from me. Oh! wait a minute you aren’t actually born of my loins. Well seems like you are. We think a lot a like. Sure wish you would have just tried the Lemon Chiller thing. I sure do like thoes and I could have had all I want free! Right?
    Love you and Miss you.

  4. Brian

    I am creating a video segment on El Reno, Oklahoma tourism, and I’d like to include one or more of the pictures on this page. The segment will appear on an in-house hotel channel that informs hotel guests what there is to do locally.

    If you don’t feel comfortable with that I’m sure it would not be difficult to find alternate photos, but I found yours and thought they were appropriate.

    May I have permission?

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