Happy Halloween

In honor of Halloween weekend, we went camping with some great friends. I don’t camp. This is no secret among my friends and family. I prefer a nice cabin with beautiful scenery and the comforts of home. Nathan is a camper — a happy camper, in fact. He might camp every weekend, if I would … [Read more…]

Four Years Ago Today

Today is our four-year wedding anniversary. I’ve decided to re-post my blog from last year about our wedding in honor of the day. I do have a few small updates from last year: Nathan had a ponytail when we got married. Last week while I was at brunch with the girls, he shaved it all … [Read more…]

Wedding Crasher

Nathan played a wedding last night with Camille. Weddings are a different sort of gig. I like to see everything, but it’s odd being an outsider looking into a wedding. Last night’s wedding was at a ranch between Oklahoma City and Tulsa. It was a beautiful setting and everyone was very friendly and nice. Our … [Read more…]

Dear Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Dear Brussels Sprouts, You are now my favorite vegetable. I feel you are often misunderstood and hated by those who have not grown to love you like I do. I’m sorry that Nathan doesn’t like you anymore because I insisted we have you for dinner too many times in a row. He no longer lets … [Read more…]