Happy Halloween

In honor of Halloween weekend, we went camping with some great friends.

I don’t camp. This is no secret among my friends and family. I prefer a nice cabin with beautiful scenery and the comforts of home. Nathan is a camper — a happy camper, in fact. He might camp every weekend, if I would go for it.

This weekends camping trip was pretty great because of the setting and the company. I thought I would share of vignettes from the weekend to say happy Halloween.

This was our tent. Chris and Elesha set it up before we arrived and this was what we found when we arrived. The wind had its way with the tent and we ultimately had to move to lower ground to keep the walls up.

Luckily, we had duct tape. So, I knew it would all be okay.

The boys got it all figured out pretty quickly.

Thanks Chris and Elesha for inviting us and thanks Scott and Pam for hosting this motley crew. Pretty soon we headed down the hill to camp.

I saw this on the way. Pretty.

Fortunately, Dead Man’s Trail was not a part of the day.

Elesha was voted Best Dressed, Cutest Camper, Most Likely to Succeed, and Best Fire Starter at camp. She got multiple Girl Sout patches and kept us all in line.

It’s just not camping unless you have a hot dog on a paper place sitting on your knee. Yummy.

This is where we slept. Actually, this is where Nathan slept. I didn’t sleep — which is why I don’t go camping.

Soon the pumpkin carving began. Can’t you just hear the banjo music playing in the background?

Danny and Shayla worked together.

Real men carve pumpkins in the dark.

Check out these pumpkins! Happy Halloween ya’ll.

PS — I still don’t camp. Really.



    Get you an air mattress. they are quite comfy. Love the pumpkins. Who knew how talented Nathan was. I almost didn’t recognize him without the hair.

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