Wedding Crasher

Nathan played a wedding last night with Camille. Weddings are a different sort of gig. I like to see everything, but it’s odd being an outsider looking into a wedding. Last night’s wedding was at a ranch between Oklahoma City and Tulsa. It was a beautiful setting and everyone was very friendly and nice.

Our friend, Chris, rode with us. So, that means I got to laugh the entire time there. The trip home was another story. I drove and they picked on my driving most of the way. They had some good jokes, I have to admit.

We got there early to set up in the barn. So we had some time to kill. We made set lists and Nathan and Camille went over a few songs. Chris took notes for Nathan so he would know the key of a couple of songs they haven’t played much together. I think they sound remarkable for a band that has never practiced together.

There was also grapes growing just outside the barn. I hope this Oklahoma wine industry keeps expanding.


The bride and groom had the cutest party favors for their guests — rib rub with heart-shaped measuring spoons.

Here’s the view from the band’s perspective. This is after everyone cleared out. The setting was really beautiful.

The bride and groom left the building while everyone held sparklers.

We packed it up and headed home.



    Great pictures. That couple willbe shocked to find out they are on Dirtshoe Blog. And That Aunt Gail is happy you wrote something for me to read. Great Job Misti!

  2. So glad that me and Nathan drag you along to these events. It’s nice to not be the only chick around. Someone else gets made fun of too besides just me. 😉

    Your pictures (and blog) are great! We definately need to bribe you somehow to come take pictures for my family. My mom would be beside herself.

    Enjoyed Sunday brunch but me thinks that getting to see you more often is definately a must. Even if it means I have to cook for you. I don’t mean that as a threat. ;-P

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