Disco Anyone?

Nathan played his first acoustic show with Camille this weekend. The fact that he is playing acoustic music makes me very happy. He usually plays electric guitar. I prefer acoustic. You will often hear me say, “he’s a little bit rock-n-roll, I’m a little bit country.” I say this because it’s true. So, thank you Camille. My background music around home just got even better thanks to you.

When we got to the show, I was immediately fascinated and excited. There was a disco ball in the corner of the stage! You just don’t see this everyday.

There was also a big screen on the wall of the stage. A jumbo-tron of sorts? It was a little strange. There was the stage and then there was a big screen of the stage. You just don’t see that everyday either.

It was a fun night and I hope they play here again soon because I want more pictures of that disco ball.

And, the music wasn’t disco, but it was excellent!


  1. Gail Woolsey

    I’m so nt use to Nathan’s hair shaving. He looks good. It’s just weird. Love the Disco Ball. You are getting to do some really cool stuff. I need to came and hang with you. We could really do some good people watching.

  2. Why didn’t you take a picture of the hole in the stage…under the disco ball. You know, the one where the stripper pole used to be?! Dad said I should ask for them to re-install it and then double my price for the next time I play there. 😉

    (Even though that was a joke, my stomach just turned a little bit)

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