Taking randomness to a new level …

I keep looking back at pictures, and it’s sorta funny to me what developed into posts on this site and what didn’t. For example, we made these Sopas about a year ago. I loved the photos, but we never really worked on the recipe.

There was also this Andouille Sausage Stuffing. We thought it had lots of potential. I loved it and Nathan hated it. So, we have a pretty picture and no recipe to share.

And, Nathan grew about a million peppers and tomatillos, but we were too busy eating salsa to post any recipes.

Then every now and then I see a photo and I have to wonder …

How in the heck did I take this photo and not use it? This is actually an art piece by my friend Layne.  And then there’s this …

This is an anchor, obviously. But it’s made of clay or ceramic or something that I would not be able to make an ashtray out of even if you paid me! When I think of art work that has totally blown me away — this anchor always comes to mind. I just love it.

On the same day I took these two art photos at J. C. and Layne’s, they  mentioned having some of my things in their storage building. I used to be a homeless college graduate who thought it was perfectly acceptable to graduate and move directly into my college professor’s spare bedroom while I figured out what I wanted to do with my life. Those months were a lot of fun and someday I may write about them — maybe I should do what Mark Twain did recently and lock the stories away for a hundred years after my death to protect the guilty.

Anyway, we traipsed out back to storage and pulled out these boxes.

And, to all of our great surprise, the boxes were full of crisp $100 bills. Actually, it was full of old rodeo photos.

And, that black and white photo on the left was in there too. It’s a photo of Heather’s (one of my college roommates) Micky Mouse birthday cake. And, my friends, if that’s not randomness … I don’t know what is.



    Do you really want to pull out old pictures. Let me know. We’ll look at some more Christmas. I have a scanner now and we need to do some more of them. The pictures were great I don’t know why you didn’t use them.

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