On Christmas Eve 2009, we survived our first blizzard as a married couple and I posted the following photo to document the mountains of snow on our back patio.

Blizzard of 2009

Today, it seemed a little too familiar when I looked at our back patio and took this photo.

Blizzard of 2011

Wow! Nothing changes around here does it? I will say that in 2009, I could get our door open to the patio. Today, I could not open the door at all. The drifts were just too tall.

In 2009, we were hosting Nathan’s family including our beautiful baby niece, Kirana, for Christmas when the big storm hit. Today, it’s just me, Nathan and our new puppy Annie. Trust me when I say that I wish Annie was as well-behaved as Kirana.

Cabin fever is sure to set in soon, but for now, we are just enjoying some much needed down-time.

Nathan has been baking bread and I’ve been … napping. His productivity rate alarms me. My ability to hibernate alarms him.

Annie has been doing a lot of things.  None of which I’m ready to talk about. Just know that the love seat she is sleeping on, now has a protective covering.  Annie is certain that the brown paisley print is fresh dirt just waiting for her to dig. Sigh.


Disclaimer: This photo is very misleading.



  1. earlyrisers

    nice…. i’m waiting for my cabin fever to set in tomorrow. As for today, I’ve been making paper globes. I’ll post them later this evening… or maybe in the morning. OH… and a complete stranger commented on my pickles! 🙂

  2. Gail Woolsey

    She is resting up. When you go back to work she’ll do her deeds! You sure that’s not just the same picture? No one is a little different.

  3. Paula Ann

    Misti, I am loving the new dog, Annie. I definitely think the names comes from our ancestor. LOL So when you leave…..she will be up dancing, destroying, etc……all the fun stuff. I don’t think this is her normal behavior. Miss you, but reading your Blog helps. ; )

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