Dear Annie …

I thought I would take a few minutes today to update family and friends on our little  … kangaroo puppy.

The recent Oklahoma blizzard did not slow Annie down at all.

She has a need for speed.

In this picture, she’s either telling us off or eating something she shouldn’t be eating. She eats a lot of things. None are recommended by two out of three veterinarians.

No wait. She’s innocent. Would this sweet puppy with giant feet and a cute bandana eat something she shouldn’t eat? No way.

I blame any and all misbehavior on this guy — my cousin Jamey. It’s all his fault. He gave Annie to us after all.

He played at The Wormy Dog on Thursday night with his band 2 For Nothing — they did a great job! And, just to keep him grounded, Annie peed on him just a little bit on Friday. She’s a very trainable puppy!

All kidding aside, Annie is a very smart dog and training is going well. Look! Here she is demonstrating how to sit and act innocent of all crimes …


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