Baby Face

We’ve had more kids at our house the last few weeks than ever before — no joke. So, when I started looking at photos I had taken recently, there were a lot of baby faces that made me smile. Like this one … This is Hollis. He is a sweety. Seriously. And, then Ms. Olivia. … [Read more…]

Sunday, Brunch Day

Last Sunday, my girlfriends and I had our monthly brunch at our house. Thankfully, Angee and Melanie are part of the brunch group. They are currently working on a party planning business so they offered to practice on the girls brunch. We had an accessories swap for our theme and I must say it was … [Read more…]

Dirty Nose? Clean it Up!

This morning Brent and Tina’s ¬†little boy, Rip, said something like, “Annie’s digging in the dirt.” A few minutes later he said something like, “The dirt is hitting the window.” At that moment I realized that Annie wasn’t just digging in the dirt. She was DIGGING in the dirt. We have these big planters on … [Read more…]

Hello World …

Well hello there. It’s been awhile. I decided to check in and say hello to my three regular readers … hello, hello and hello. I’ve been so busy with work and work stress that I haven’t found time to post much. However, this week is Spring Break! Can I get a hallelujah and an amen? … [Read more…]