Baby Face

We’ve had more kids at our house the last few weeks than ever before — no joke. So, when I started looking at photos I had taken recently, there were a lot of baby faces that made me smile.

Like this one …

This is Hollis. He is a sweety.


And, then Ms. Olivia. Precious!

And, then little Rhett came to see us. He’s only five months. Sweet disposition!

And finally, Ansley and Rip got to hang out. They are funny!

After a million “the dingo ate my baby” jokes and  all the kids left, things settled down very quickly. Annie had to take a nap. Life is hard folks.

It was great to see all our friend’s kiddos. I got to say things like, “Yes” you can have that and “Yes” you can eat pie for breakfast. In the world of my friends’ kids, I’m a “Yes Man” — and I like it that way.


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