Dirty Nose? Clean it Up!

This morning Brent and Tina’s  little boy, Rip, said something like, “Annie’s digging in the dirt.”

A few minutes later he said something like, “The dirt is hitting the window.”

At that moment I realized that Annie wasn’t just digging in the dirt. She was DIGGING in the dirt. We have these big planters on our back patio area that Nathan built a few years ago. Today, Annie discovered them and I have to admit, she had a great time.

She continued until pretty much all the dirt was out of the planter, scattered all over the patio and all over the bricks above and below her. Much of it even ended up on the dining room floor when we opened the door. She’s a very talented canine.

Cleaning it up was not nearly as fun. Nathan is resting peacefully at this time and I’m just hoping tomorrow morning is less eventful.



    Oh! Annie you won’t live long if you tear up the garden. You’ll be coming back to the country. Hopefull not in a pine planter. Don’t you just love puppies.

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