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Well hello there. It’s been awhile. I decided to check in and say hello to my three regular readers … hello, hello and hello. I’ve been so busy with work and work stress that I haven’t found time to post much. However, this week is Spring Break! Can I get a hallelujah and an amen? I wasn’t sure I would make it.

On Sunday, we had our monthly Bitches Brunch. This time we had an accessories swap and it was held at our house. I will have more photos of the brunch and the loot I scored for free later.

But this candid picture caught my eye when I was looking through photos and I decided to play a little game. See if you can find the following things:

  1. Hot red pumps — I bet Angee brought those! I wonder who snagged them.
  2. A purse with a picture of Johnny Cash from No Depression — I used to make purses from old music magazine pages. This one never quite came together right, so it now sits in my living room. I also gave up the purse business because it was a lot like crafting and I hate crafting.
  3. Trader Joe’s bag. I wish we had a Trader Joe’s here so bad. But, OKC is getting a Whole Foods, so I’m pretty happy about that.
  4. A Git-Jo — It sounds like a banjo, but you play it like a guitar. I love a Git-Jo. I’ve played this particular one at least 2.5 time since the day I had to have one or I would surely die.
  5. Mental Floss Magazine. I don’t know what this is, but my friend Andria left it here during our Bitches Brunch Christmas party and I finally got to give it back to her. I never read it, but I’m pretty sure I should have.
  6. Two Bibles. One was Nathan’s when he was a little boy. My heart just squeezed a little when I wrote that. I didn’t know him when he was a little boy, but I know he was a sweetie.
  7. A mandolin — I have a mandolin story about my grandparents that makes me laugh out loud just thinking about it. I can’t tell it because my Nanny would kill me. But someday, I just might. Any story about a mandolin, a beer joint and a pick-up truck has to be funny, right?
  8. A framed Lucinda Williams print. I got this for $25 on South Congress Street the first time I ever visited Austin, Texas. It says “Saint of White Trash” and “Raised on Poetry and Polk Salad.” She is playing next week very near my house in a small listening room called The Blue Door and I procrastinated too long to get tickets. I’m still kicking myself.
  9. A cutie pa-tooty named Olivia. She is my friend Holly’s little girl and she’s a doll! She came to the accessories swap and she got a pretty hat and a scarf and plenty of oohs and awwws from all of us.
  10. My friend Lisa C. She is gonna have a beautiful baby boy on or about April 15th. She used to be my guitar teacher. Thankfully, Lisa is not only a great musician, but she’s also a Special Education teacher — when it comes to guitar lessons, I need modifications — big time. Poor Lisa was so nice to me when I would say things like, “but I don’t wanna play the C chord. It hurts my fingers. Can’t I just leave it out or play G instead?”

I’m pretty sure that anyone who says the word “beer joint” in their blog probably should have a print on the wall with that says “Saint of White Trash.” Hmmmm…. I’ll be back later with a more civilized post.

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