Sunday, Brunch Day

Last Sunday, my girlfriends and I had our monthly brunch at our house. Thankfully, Angee and Melanie are part of the brunch group. They are currently working on a party planning business so they offered to practice on the girls brunch. We had an accessories swap for our theme and I must say it was one of the best brunches we have had. We usually go to a restaurant somewhere, but there are so many of us that we only get to talk to the people we sit next to — so when we have it at a house, it’s much easier to mingle and catch up with everyone.

This is Angee and Melanie. They are some talented gals. Both are very crafty. Have I mentioned several times on this site that I hate to craft? Well, these girls love to craft as much as I hate it!  I tip my hot glue gun to them! They did such an awesome job. Everything was so pretty.

The accessories swap was very fun. Everyone brought some things they no longer needed or liked and then we all drew numbers. We started by picking one item from the table and then moved to two and three items. I ended up with a couple of cute purses and a hair band. The best part was I got rid of few things that were of no use to me.

There were two special guests at the brunch as well. Olivia and Hollis attended! Both were such cuties and Olivia even joined in on the swap.

Baby Annie had to stay outside. She was sure we had made a terrible mistake by leaving her out there.

But Hollis kept her entertained. They touched hands through the glass.

Below, I’ve posted a recipe for the trifle dessert that you see in the next picture. It’s super easy and very Box, Can, Bam!

Easy Trifle Recipe


Large container of Cool Whip

Heath Candy Bars (at least two) or candy bars of your choice

1 cup of toasted walnuts, chopped

2 Fully-Cooked pies — I suggest frozen pies that are ready to serve after thawing. Or, you can bake a pie from scratch if that’s your style. You can choose any flavor you like. I suggest pecan pie or apple pie. In the picture, I used apple pie.

Directions: You will need a Trifle Bowl.  Once pies are thawed, crumble them up and layer into the trifle bowl making a layer of pie then a layer of whipped topping. Chop up and sprinkle the candy bar and nuts on each layer. Make sure you end up with a top layer of whipped topping so it will look pretty. Sprinkle candy and nuts on top to decorate.

You can add all sorts of things into the layers, such as: caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, fruit, pudding, cake pieces or nuts. It looks pretty and like you have worked hard, but it’s so simple!

Have a great week!



    Looks like so much fun and I would love it. Poor Annie, I can’t believe she didn’t get to attend. No wonder your flower boxes were destroyed.

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