Artfully Done

After a week filled with long hours at work, busted pipes, sleeping in a questionable hotel, and an invasion of roly poly bugs — this past weekend offered little relief in the way of rest. We were busy from beginning to end. I worked several hours each day and we visited with friends the rest of the time. I would promise my faithful reader — Aunt Gail — that I would update this site more often, but I probably won’t until June and school is out for the summer.

However, on Sunday, while the boys played some tunes, I took a quick field trip to the see the chalk art at my old alma mater. I’m gonna post some of the photos here. These photos are some of the few I’ve had time to take lately. I did take some pictures of our broken drain pipes. But, after comparing pretty chalk art pictures to disgusting broken pipe pictures … well, trust me. I’m doing you a favor here.

I don’t know much about the art in these photos. I think they may be by high school students. I do know they are done with chalk and the canvas is the sidewalk and pavement.

Enjoy, and be thankful if your plumbing works.



  1. I can’t seem to find your email address. I would like to talk to you about my new site Green Oklahoma (and no this isn’t spam, even if it sounds like it haha). Please email me when you get a chance. Thanks!

  2. Gail Woolsey

    Yes I remmber the chalk art. Le’Erin also attended USAO. Such a nice school. Thanks for posting. Love you. I hate it about the pipes.

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