Happy Memorial Day

My friend Elesha scolded me a little bit yesterday because I haven’t been posting lately. The truth is work has been so difficult that I haven’t been able to focus on anything more. However, summer has started and I’m hopeful that things will slow down a bit and I can start writing a little more. Especially since I now realize I have TWO regular readers.

So, first of all … it’s Memorial Day. My PaPa (PawPaw) was in the Korean War in the 50s. This photo was taken while he was in the service. My PaPa is the one who is holding the mandolin. I have a feeling that at this young age, he never dreamed he would become someone’s PaPa.

So, pause today and say thanks to those who have served.

To recap our weekend a bit, we had a cookout with friends yesterday. Warren smoked a big bologna. I’ve never had such a thing, but it was good.

Then it was placed on the grill with some amazing sauce.

And Danny and Shayla brought jalapeno poppers. Yes, this was a cookout for carnivores in case you were wondering. Vegetarians would have weeped.

And Evin and Chantel spent all morning preparing their chips and dip.

We listened to the boys play some tunes.

And, I had to edit Chris’ shirt because this is a family-friendly site after all. Though, there is all the profanity and violence that comes with blogging about our new puppy … but I digress.

Evin sang. We listened. Then we ate more meat.

We then took our clogged arteries home. And, if you measure a good day by laughs and music and good food, and conversation and cholesterol — yesterday, was a pretty good day.


  1. I doubt you’re counting me among the two since I’m lurking via RSS, I’ve been around for a long time I think. So maybe it’s three?

    I’m jealous you’ve got friends and family who can just show up and play music in your home. Looks like a great way to spend a Memorial Day.

  2. Gail Woolsey

    Well thank god your alive and writing. I know School can get you down. And yes I’m one of the two. People don’t know what they are missing by not reading. Your pretty cool.

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