Annie, we’re not in Kansas Anymore

This weekend we helped my mother-in-law pack up her life in a U-Haul truck and move from Kansas to Oklahoma. She is a native Oklahoman and we are looking forward to having her closer to us. The picture above was on the side of the moving truck.

I was not a lot of help for the move.  I offered lots of moral support and I carried boxes that were not too heavy.  It was also 162 degrees in the shade.

So, we moved to Vermont where the weather is nice and cool. Not really. We Okies are a tough breed and we enjoy extreme weather.

Two days before we left to go to Lawrence, Nathan announced we were going to take Annie with us. I immediately told him to have a nice trip and I would see him when he returned. If he survived, that is.

Okay. Not really. But I did cry.

Okay. Not really. But, I did have a lot of reservations. Not the kind of reservations you have at the Holiday Inn, but the kind that keeps you up at night worrying about how much damage one little dog can do. What if she put someone’s home closing at risk by like, I don’t know, destroying the roof? Nathan talked me through it and I have to admit that she did pretty well.

I spent the first 60 miles playing some sort of dog hockey. She was in the backseat and she wanted desperately to drive or at least to sit in the driver’s lap. That’s when we whipped out the Pet Taxi. I think the Pet Taxi has some sort of magical powers because each time we put Annie in it this weekend, she calmed right down and took a long nap. Occasionally she would complain a bit or ask to stop at McDonalds, but for the most part it was magical.

Beyond that gate, is also a magical place. Nathan’s mom is an extreme gardener. She has an unbelievable green thumb. Her yard (the one she left behind) looks like this.

And this.

And, we brought this to stay in that yard.

She eats rose bushes for dessert. She digs holes clear to China.

Fortunately, no long-term damage was done. After moving boxes and sweating, Nathan played with her and even did a little bit of training. Yes. We train. We train a lot actually.

Nathan calls this leash training. I call it catfishing.

It’s very similar to having a 30-pound catfish on the end of your line.

Here is a beautiful photo of Annie training Nathan. It works both ways you know.

We then drove back to Oklahoma, rested for a bit and then unloaded the packed truck this morning.

Thankfully, Lokey, Chris and Elesha came to help. By early afternoon, it was time for an island-type drink. You know … a drink with rum and pineapple juice.

These are also magical.

Chris and Nathan grilled up some dogs and turnips. Yep, grilled turnips. They were pretty good.

Grilled peppers and onions with hot links and hot dogs made for a great lunch and helped us start recovering from an exhausting weekend.

Hope you had a productive weekend too!


  1. Gail Woolsey

    Anni has you trained. She got to take a vacation? Glad Nathan got to move his mother back closer. Now you will have more time to write. Love ya, Aunt G

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