Chicken Reunion Weekend!

This weekend, my college roommates descended upon OKC for a long-overdue visit. There are four of us. However, Monica did not make it because of some prior commitment like a wedding anniversary or something. So, it was just me, Heather and Lisa. Monica started calling our group “The Chickens” way back when we were in college and it stuck.

I’m kicking myself because I didn’t take more pictures.

On Friday night Heather arrived at our house. She drove from Dallas. We were talking on the phone on her way up and I was giving her a hard time about driving here instead of flying. She said, “I flew the last time and you and Lisa made fun of me!”

I answered back with, “And now we are making fun of you for driving. Either way, we are making fun of you. Get used to it”

That’s just the kind of friends we are.

Lisa couldn’t join us until Saturday morning, so Nathan cooked dinner for Heather and I. He grilled steak, shrimp, and all sorts of vegetables. It was delish! He also roasted sliced plum tomatoes in the oven at 200 degrees for about eight hours. He used them to make a vinaigrette to dip our veggies into.

We ended up staying up until 3 a.m., and laughing until our sides hurt. The shrimp was also missing in my photos because we almost forgot to put them on the plate.

Then, Lisa arrived Saturday morning all sunny and cheerful to find two slightly-grumpy-from-too-much-wine-and-not -enough-sleep friends. We went to breakfast and then did a “house tour” which means we drove around and looked at pretty houses just like we did in back in college. And, we laughed and ate cookies. We may be older, but nothing much has changed. Lisa is the friendliest person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She meets and talks to almost everyone we see. It’s so fun to watch her win people over immediately.

We ended up going to dinner at a raw food restaurant that used to be called 105 Degrees. I guess it had an identity crisis and now the name is Matthew Kenney. Here is the website. It was one of the best meals I’ve had at a restaurant in a long time. This was the Classic Summer Tomato Lasagna. It was amazing. Sorry for the Iphone pic. I’m so timid about using my big camera in a restaurant.

We ordered too many dishes, but thankfully, Lisa had a Groupon — so we got a pretty good deal!

We also ate the Tiramisu so quickly that I didn’t even get a picture! Now, I’m obsessed with raw food and Nathan is just shaking his head.

After dinner, we took our box of wine and headed to one of my favorite places — The Blue Door.

It’s a great listening room for live music. They were screening a film about Red Dirt Music so we thought it would be a pretty good show. We got to see Oklahoma artist Greg Jacobs sing about needing a little rain — and had to smile at just how true it really is in Oklahoma right now. We also enjoyed listening to Lata Gouveia who was joined by Rocky Frisco (J. J. Cale band) and Dustin Pittsley from Tulsa. In the end, we watched a screening of the film, Red Dirt … Songs from the Dust. We really enjoyed it. Made us feel pretty proud to be Okies.

Here are Heather and Lisa during one of the breaks.

We stayed up too late again — and The Chickens got  up early this morning … and Heather headed to Dallas and Lisa made her  way back to Tulsa. We had a great visit.

Me, I’m sad the Chicken Reunion Weekend is over, but at least I have 100+ degree weather and a very mis-behaved dog to keep my mind off of the sadness.

I should mention that we spent a large part of the weekend saying, “Annie, get down!” We also laughed uncontrollably as we watched her spin out on the wood floors. Poor thing can’t get much traction when she’s excited. Nathan was our dog-handler this weekend and thankfully I can report no blood was shed.


  1. Brent Pendleton

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISTI, I loved reading this and thinking of you chickens getting together. Wish I could have been there as the designated cock. Errr,,,Well you know what I meant.

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