Five Years Ago Today (not really today, but several days ago)

October 16th was our five-year wedding anniversary. I’ve decided to re-post my blog each year about our wedding in honor of the day.

I do have a few small updates from last year:

Nathan and I are both really bad at remembering dates. We often forget things like … birthdays … major holidays … and come to find out … anniversaries. As a matter of fact, it was an uneventful day at work on October 18th when I said to myself, “Seems like there’s something about the middle of October? Hmmmm… what could it be? Is Annie due back at the vet?”

Then crickets chirped.

And, then about twenty minutes later it hit me. We had missed our anniversary!!!

Then I had to figure out how to play it. Should I call him immediately and be the victim? You know … I remembered, but you didn’t, so now I’m devastated and there’s nothing you could possibly do to make it up to me?

Or, should I say nothing and see how long it takes him to remember and then pretend like I had known all along and was just waiting for him to remember? You know, the martyr?

So, here’s how the conversation went when I called him on the phone.

Me: Hey, what are you doing?

Nathan: Working

Me: So, guess what!

Nathan: What?

Me: We missed our anniversary.

Nathan: Really? Are you sure?

Me: Yes

Nathan: Oh my God. I can’t believe you forgot our anniversary.

Me: Well played sir. Well played.

Truth is, neither one of us is surprised by this.  And, we have plenty of fun celebratory nights together … so, we celebrated late and now spend quite a bit of time picking on one another about it.

Updates are few this year:

Here it is … wait for it …

  • This year we got a dog. Her name is Annie.
That’s really it. She turned our world upside down since last year about this time. We are thinking about a second dog in hopes that a second well-behaved dog might teach Annie a thing or two. I’m terribly afraid this plan could blow up in our face.
So, Nathan and I recently had our annual discussion of how we need to get a calendar and write down important dates. I’m sure we’ll have it again soon when we forget another date like … Christmas.
Updates from 2010:
  • Nathan had a ponytail when we got married. Last week while I was at brunch with the girls, he shaved it all off. I loved his ponytail and I love his bald head too.
  • Nathan and I are both terrible at remembering dates. We argue almost every year about when our anniversary is and how long we have been married. More often than not, we are both wrong. Today, I had to dig out the marriage license to make sure that last year’s post was correct. Thankfully, it was.
  • Only in the past year have Nathan and I started to find common ground musically. It takes some compromise, but we now enjoy listening to music together. On this journey we have found a few surprising things out about each other. Oddly enough, we found out we both like Alice Cooper and Steve Earle’s music. We’ve both learned a lot too. I now know who Desmond Child is and Nathan has listened to the Drive-by Truckers. I now enjoy Robben Ford and Nathan has even happily listened to an entire Patty Griffin album — this is huge in my world.
  • We also made a big decision in our life that we no longer wanted to worry about decorating the living room. No more looking for rugs and sofas or anything like that. Our living room is now the “music room”. It will be decorated with guitars. We are both happy about this new direction.
  • See ya next year for number five!


Reposted from October 16, 2009: Three years ago today I was in Austin, Texas with Nathan where we said “I DO.” It was the single best decision I’ve ever made and I certainly hope he feels the same.

As I type this, he is standing across the room making faces at me for no apparent reason. This confirms it was a great decision.  I often reflect on our wedding and it has some funny or interesting parts here and there. I thought I might share a few of these tonight, in honor of our third wedding anniversary. Here are a few things you may, or may not, know about our wedding:

  • We got married on a Monday.
  • We got married at the Chapel Dulcinea just outside of Austin. It is so beautiful. Nathan and I plan to have all our weddings there. It’s a free chapel and quite unusual. You can read all about it
  • We found our minister at — She was very nice and did a lovely ceremony.
  • Brent and Tina got lost and were the last to arrive. None of us were surprised because that’s exactly why they are such a cute couple.
  • Our friend Clay played a Lucinda Williams song, Something About What Happens when we Talk. Angee arranged for him to sing it and it was a total surprise as I told her to “just pick a song.” It was perfect.
  • My friends who are rodeo photographers – Rhonda and Sammy—came to Austin and took pictures for us because they are simply lovely people. Our bohemian friends, my rodeo friends and my college friends blended beautifully for the event.
  • I bought a long jacket to wear at the ceremony. When we got to Austin the temperature was around 90 degrees with 98% humidity. So, we went shopping on the morning of our ceremony and Nathan picked out something for me to wear.
  • My fabulous friend Heather (one of the Chickens) came to the wedding and stayed at the strange little Austin Motel that I had booked for her. I think that sometimes she wants to kill me when she finds herself in some of these situations – but she’s a good sport.


  • I chose my wedding bouquet and all the flowers for it just a few hours before the wedding. I could tell I was making the florist a little nervous.
  • We went to eat at Salt Lick BBQ after the ceremony. We love the food, but the wait staff tends to be quite contrary at times. On this night, when Clay decided to take his leftovers home with him rather than have it thrown out, the waitress came over to scold him and pointed her finger in his face and said, “I know you didn’t eat that meat.” It’s a line my friends and I now say on a regular basis. We left her a big tip anyway.


  • On our wedding night, Nathan and I spent a good part of the night driving around town with Heather looking for my vice – a great glass of unsweetened iced tea.
  • At different times during our wedding and honeymoon Nathan and I both vomited – alcohol was not involved.
  • After the wedding ceremony in Austin, we had a small reception in my hometown and stayed in a cabin at Broken Bow Lake. The cabin was called The Sugar Shack.
  • We went fishing and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees. It was exceptionally hot in Austin and unbelievably cold in Broken Bow.
  • My cousin Linda played the standup bass at our reception.
  • Nathan got food poisoning at our reception and threw up on our way home. The worst part was that we took the Talimena Scenic Drive on our way home. There were lots of hills, curves and groans.
  • While in Southeastern Oklahoma, we looked for, but did not see, Bigfoot.
  • We lived happily ever after.


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