Let’s Catch Up!

If you follow me on here at all, you may have noticed that I have taken some time off from blogging. I’m not sure why, but I’m calling it a sabbatical. Let’s just say I was doing research. Actually, I’ve been trying to figure out how to go in a different direction on this here blog of mine, so I have been doing some research. You’ll be the first to know if I make any major changes.

And, to be honest, somewhere around July, it was so hot and dry in Oklahoma that I simply did not have the will to write. A few times I tried and the only thing that came out was venomous words about the heat. But hope springs eternal and it’s 75 degrees and raining tonight … and I think I can write again.

So, let’s catch up, shall we?

The summer was hot. Yes. I know I’ve already mentioned this.

Christi, Nathan’s mom, came to stay with us for a month or two while she relocated back to Oklahoma. I really enjoyed having her around though I’m certain that she was ready to move out on her own. Annie was not the perfect hostess. Plus, Nathan and I are quite messy. I must admit that I’m more messy than Nathan, but I’m including him because he’s in charge of the garage and it’s VERY messy.

Our garden burned up this summer.

Here’s a photo of just a sampling of what we harvested from our back yard last year.

Here’s about the sum total of our garden this year … nary a tomato.

Annie is bigger now. And, she’s still a handful. Though, if it’s just me and Nathan, she is totally tolerable most of the time. She is very bossy and is not easy to control around visitors, but she’s no longer chewing our fingers and arms off.

Nathan has been playing shows with Evin Brady. It’s great music and we’ve had a lot of fun and met lots of new people. It’s always interesting because they seem to play a wide range of venues. Some are quiet lounge-type places and some are pretty rowdy. Here’s a link to a video of them.

Here’s an outdoor gig that’s quite civilized.

Then, we went to Woody’s in Altus, Oklahoma and I’m not sure what happened.

We met some great folks — the bar owner and staff were a lot of fun. We also found out that Nathan’s first cousin is a drummer in a band that also plays this venue and they have one of his broken cymbals on the wall.

And, sometime around 3 a.m., Evin was invited to mix drinks for everyone.

There’s no really easy way to transition from one thing to another in this case.

Most recently, my Nanny had a stroke. She’s doing pretty well now, but watching her struggle to move, walk and talk has really been difficult. She’s still not able to live independently, but we are hopeful that she will again someday.

Here she is years ago working cattle.

And, here she is more recently …

Through it all, her sense of humor has prevailed. The first morning at the hospital in OKC (where she had been flown the night before) she told me this, “I can’t believe you guys have me in a hospital where none of the doctors and nurses even know what month it is or day it is.”

It took me a minute, but then I realized … she had a stroke … they are asking her basic questions to see if her memory is okay. Then she giggled. She has the keenest sense of humor I’ve ever known.

I’ve got some new recipes in the works and some guests lined up for some recipes too. So, I hope to see you all here now that the weather is a little better … does that make me a fair-weather blogger? Don’t answer that.


  1. Gail Woolsey

    When is it that you would have had time to write. My goodness with Annie there you may very well be eaten alive. She is quite Frisky. When she can outdo my Grandson Lakyn’ She is quite lively! And yes she has grown. Nanny got to come for lunch and see her dog Bruno. That’s probably all she really cared about seeing. She would have loved for her Grands to have been there. But everyone had things going on. Hayzn’ was sick.He told his Mother he had been sick for two days and he was gonna lay in the bed till she took him to the Doctor. Got love kids.

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