Reluctantly Spiraling Toward Christmas

This is my half-hearted attempt to show some holiday spirit. This Charlie Brown Tree is by far my favorite holiday decoration ever. It’s understated. It’s simple. It’s a little tacky. It’s easy to pack away. It’s no secret among my closest friends and family that I struggle to get excited about the holiday season. I … [Read more…]

Good Morning

Woke up early this morning at my friends’ house near my hometown. This is not my friend’s house. It’s what we affectionately call — The Bunk House. I think I want to move into the bunkhouse and live forever. I can just picture Nathan in a pair of overalls sitting in that rocking chair watching … [Read more…]

Verlon Thompson Show

Last night I had a fist fight with a spotlight. The spotlight won, hands down. I went to the Verlon Thompson show at UCO Jazz Lab and I struggled with getting any pictures where the spotlight didn’t just completely take over the shot and wash everything out. It was definitely because my seat was almost … [Read more…]

Bringing home Mya

As I have mentioned in recent posts, we adopted a new puppy to keep Annie company. Her name is Mya and she has stolen my heart for sure. And, Nathan? Forget about it! He’s in love with her. I have never adopted a dog from a shelter. However, we do consider Annie to be a … [Read more…]

Twitter … I love you man

It’s no secret to my close friends that I love Twitter. Recently I found that I can scroll back through all my Twitter pics. Here are a few of my favorites. My Iphone camera is the worst, but I still love to look at where we were and what we were doing. I like to … [Read more…]