Bringing home Mya

As I have mentioned in recent posts, we adopted a new puppy to keep Annie company. Her name is Mya and she has stolen my heart for sure. And, Nathan? Forget about it! He’s in love with her.

I have never adopted a dog from a shelter. However, we do consider Annie to be a rescue dog. Here’s why. Dog’s that grow up on a working ranch environment such as “hunting hogs” — as her brothers a sisters are doing right this very minute — well, their life expectancy isn’t too long. That’s just a fact. The other reason we consider Annie to be a rescue dog is that we are pretty sure that another pet owner would not have tolerated her — thus, she would have ended up in a shelter or worse. So, each day Nathan and I look at each other with eyes that are full of pain and suffering caused from extreme doggie misbehavior, we know that we are saving Annie’s life.

So, we decided to adopt a shelter dog this time. Let me just say that I will never again buy a dog and I will forever be a crusader to encourage those looking for a great pet to GO TO THE SHELTER! There are so many great puppies there. It’s also very inexpensive. Mya cost us $25 (it’s usually $50, but they often run specials) and our vet gave her a free check up since she was from the shelter. And, she was spayed!!

I try not to preach on this blog, but I do encourage you to check out your local shelter. Our shelter in Oklahoma City is open seven days a week (here’s the link) and they have every kind of dog (and cat) imaginable. I was on the hunt for a Border Collie or Heeler mix. I had my eye on a Red Heeler mix from the website and when we saw her, she was acting like Annie’s long-lost twin sister. I sure hope someone adopted her, but I knew that we couldn’t handle two Annie’s. We need balance. Just a few doggie-doors down from the Red Heeler, Nathan found a sweet little puppy who stood still, licked his hand and looked at him with big pleading eyes that seemed to say, “take me home.”

I have always been adamant that I would never own a Rottweiler or Pit Bull. No way! So, I was relieved to see that this puppy named Mya was a Boxer. She and Nathan headed into the play room and I went to talk to the lady up front. She told me there were four other rooms that we had not gone into. I went back to check on Nathan and Mya and they had fallen in love. So, I finished up the paperwork and we left with our new “Boxer” puppy who looks just like a Pit Bull. Yes, I was tricked. About three-quarters into things, the lady mentioned that she was a Pit Bull mix. By that time, we didn’t  even care.

Annie, true to character, acted like a complete jerk for several days. Now they are inseparable. They still fuss, but nothing too bad.

This is Annie complaining about Mya. She was not very happy at first.

The funny part is, we took Mya to the vet and he agrees. She’s not much of a Boxer. But, he does think she is Pit Bull and Border Collie. Either way, I will just think of her as a sweetheart because she is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever known. We love Annie, but sweet isn’t really an adjective that could be used to describe her. Mya has brought a little bit of balance to our world.

Here is a great article about why it’s good to adopt from the shelter.

But, this happy face is reason enough for me!

And, if anyone has any of those Cesar Millan dog training books or videos we are in the market for some :-).


  1. julie stuart

    I’ve told Jamey time and again, why should we pay a lot of money for a dog when there are so many free ones or in shelters that are exactly what we are looking for. I wish I had known you were looking for another dog. hehe…we had another litter of puppies. Thankfully they are in no way releated to Annie. 😉 Mya is beautiful, hope she is a calming influence.

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