Verlon Thompson Show

Last night I had a fist fight with a spotlight.

The spotlight won, hands down.

I went to the Verlon Thompson show at UCO Jazz Lab and I struggled with getting any pictures where the spotlight didn’t just completely take over the shot and wash everything out. It was definitely because my seat was almost on the stage and I was shooting almost directly into the spotlight. Oh well… back to the evening.

Who’s Verlon Thompson you say?

Well, he’s Guy Clark’s guitar player and sometimes co-writer. Who’s Guy Clark you say? I can see this could take awhile.

Verlon Thompson is from the Binger, Lookeba-Sickles area (Nathan grew up there too) in Oklahoma. He’s a great songwriter and musician. I don’t know what else to say. I’ve heard of him most of my life, but I really became familiar with his work through my undying love of Guy Clark. In my opinion, if you are talented enough to write a song with Guy Clark then you must be pretty good.

Last year sometime, Nathan and I were listening to some random songs and came across Verlon’s song Caddo County on YouTube. We both just loved it and Nathan could relate to the song because he grew up in Caddo County. Fast forward about nine months and Nathan is playing a show in Newcastle with Evin Brady and Tim McMahan. He’s never met Tim or played any songs with him, but he covered  Caddo County  by Verlon Thompson. Come to find out, Tim is a big Verlon Thompson fan.

So, we had to go to the show last night. Tim was a trooper too. Nathan couldn’t go because he had a long-time friend, Erik, coming into town. So, Tim escorted me and Nathan’s mom to see Verlon. It was a great show! Lots of great stories about Oklahoma and the songs were equally funny and brilliant.

It was an all-around great night of music. When we got home, Tim and Nathan played Caddo County for Erik who had never heard it.  Tim and Nathan did a good job, but I’m now a little spoiled to hearing the real deal. No offense guys.


  1. Twon

    Im a home town boy grew up in nathons home his brothers and him shaped my veiw of music .verlons guitar gréats me on the wall of my best friends house. These are the things that remind me in a world of hip hop and justin bieber what music is.

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