A pilgrimage of sorts …

The week after Christmas has always been my time to go home for the holidays. This year, I asked Nathan and his mom to join me in heading to Southeastern Oklahoma. It was a pilgrimage of sorts. Nathan’s mom lived in Lawrence, Kansas when Nathan and I got married at a very convenient location just south of Austin, Texas on an unusually warm Monday evening in October. So, his mom had never met my family, nor had she visited the southeastern corner of our great state.  I found a pet-friendly cabin at Hugo Lake State Park. We loaded up Mya and told Annie we were sorry but we couldn’t afford to pay for damages if she went with us — and we headed south.

First off, the cabin was great. I highly recommend them. For around the cost of a hotel room, we had a two-bedroom house right on the lake. This was the front deck.

Shortly after, I saw the sunset and I began to unwind.

Then my family arrived and chaos ensued. I’m in love with my cousin’s kiddos. I love them like my own. And, I’m happy to report they were all blessed with very healthy and active lungs. They are loud! They also move so fast they are kinda blurry to me sometimes. Mya spent the entire evening on a leash because we knew she would join right in with the kids.

It was Jack’s 6th birthday, so Lindsey brought a cake. He had help from his cousins in making a wish and blowing out his candles. Jack’s the one in the middle. This picture makes me laugh.

The next night we had a much quieter evening with all the adults in my family. My grandmother, who is recovering from a stroke, is pretty speedy these days, but she’s not so fast that she’s a blur. It was great to see everyone at any volume or speed.

Nathan and Mya spent some time outside. I can tell you that Mya is now fully socialized!

The lake was also beautiful in the morning.

We then headed out to Broken Bow on our way home. It just didn’t seem right to drag Christi all the way down to Southeastern Oklahoma and not take her to Broken Bow. So we did. I forget how pretty it is there.

We also visited Girls Gone Wine. We did a wine tasting and I was very impressed. It’s a great place and the wine was great. My cousin Le’ met us there and was the perfect hostess. She’s kind of amazing.

I practiced restraint and did not taste everything on the menu. Plus, I was about to drive over a mountain. So, I took a bottle home for New Years Eve, instead!

We took part of the Talimena Drive home. It’s a National Scenic Byway right here in the great state of Oklahoma! It’s really pretty and quite amazing. It’s prettier in the fall when the leaves are changing, but we still enjoyed seeing the mountains.

We had a great time. But, you know who was really ready to be back home?

Mya is a great traveling dog. She likes the open road.

I do too.


  1. Gail Woolsey

    Love the picture’s would love to see all of them. I know our Kids photograph well. I love that Laykn’ is always ready to help blow out the candles on his Cousin’s cakes. Le’ loved being your Hostess. Yes she is pretty amazing and she loves her family. We all really liked Christi, she must come again. Poor Mya how she survived the kids I don’t know. Cute pictures of her and the open Road. Loved the visit and yes Hugo Cabins are a perfect place to gather. We must do it again and cook out.

  2. This is the best post ever. The photo’s are amazing, writing about southeast Okla. makes me feel very nostalgic, and knowing that you were sharing this with Christie made me very happy. Very nice, Misti. Thank you.

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