Welllll, welllll, well…

When my friend Duy and I haven’t seen or talked to each other in a long time, it’s customary when one of us finally breaks down and calls — the other answers the phone by saying, “Welllll, welllll, well…”

So, right now anyone reading this should be saying in their head right this minute, “Welllll, welllll, well…”

Please make sure you say it slowly and add plenty of sarcasm and a tone that implies I should have updated this blog months ago and you can’t believe I have the nerve to just post something out of the blue. I offer no lame excuses. Just know that I am fully aware that I am perhaps the lamest blogger in the blogosphere.

So, I looked back at my photos and I know that we’ve got some catching up to do. I’m going to start with a party that my friend Angee planned for my friend Andria. I met Andria through our super duper brunch group which may now be officially defunct. As a matter of fact, the next time I see any of those girls, we’ll all probably be saying, “Welllll, welllll, well…”

I can see a pattern in my life lately.

So, Angee owns The Social Butterflies. She makes pretty things, cooks tasty food and plans events of all kinds. This party was a birthday party for Andria’s sister and it had a Mad Men theme. At the time of the party I had not watched a single episode of Mad Men. So, I just trusted that the candy cigarettes Angee bought online were a good idea.  Since the party, I have watched around a thousand episodes of Mad Men. I love it and Nathan asks every night if we can watch something else on Netflix. I hate to tell him no, but I’m addicted. I think they put nicotine in those episodes.

Anyway, this party was cool and full of cool people. I’m not sure I was cool enough to attend, but I just smoked a few candy cigarettes like all the cool kids and took some photos.

See, they looked like Lucky Strikes. Clever.

The cupcakes were yummy!

I could make this blog a lot longer, but I’ve got another Mad Men episode to watch before Nathan comes in here and tells me he wants to watch a National Geographic Episode about something as exciting as the Gobi Desert.

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  1. Aunt G a.k.a. Nay-Nay

    WElll , well, well. How interesting, like the candy cigarettes. those were what the cool kids smoked. miss you. come see us. Love Aunt G

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