Good Morning Saturday!

I took a rare Saturday completely away from work today. The Arts Festival was in town and I haven’t been in a long time. So, we headed there pretty early to beat the traffic. I heard there was going to be lots of parking problems.

We got there so early it was pretty easy to park — though it was expensive!

Since we were so early, we went to the Myriad Gardens. It’s always pretty and I’m very impressed with all the upgrades to the grounds. So impressed, in fact, that I didn’t take one single picture of the outdoor areas.

Here are some views from inside.

I want one of these at my house.

The water feature, not sure about the rabbit on the bicycle. I’m not saying I’m opposed to it, but I don’t think it matches my other decor very well. Maybe the monkey would blend in a little better …

Saw lots of interesting art. I could have spent my whole paycheck on some of the pieces.

And then we sampled some local food and drove on the new I-40 home…

Just for the record, we did all of this before noon-thirty. Not a bad way to spend an Oklahoma Saturday morning.

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