Schmarried …

One of my best friends in the whole wide world is getting married tomorrow in Vietnam. His name is Duy and he is one of a kind. Someday I may chronicle the story of how a country girl from Southeast Oklahoma and a bartender/business owner from¬†Cam Ranh Bay Vietnam became the best of friends. Here … [Read more…]

Cinco de Mayo Me Baby

As promised, here are a few pics from the show last Saturday. I am now officially in the market for a washboard. See those red wrist bands on their arms. This was the magic wrist band. Without it, you could not get a drink. To get the wrist band you must show your driver’s license. … [Read more…]

Honey Fire Love Park

There are several Oklahoma-based bands that are dear to my heart —¬†Honeywagon, Spitfire Quire, Love County and Medicine Park. All are long gone with the exception of Medicine Park. And, this weekend — these bands sorta melded into a musical stew that almost brought a tear to my eye. Several members of each of these … [Read more…]