Good Friends and Homemade Wine

Go ahead and get back up off the floor. I know you’re surprised to see two brand new posts in two days! We’ve been busy ya’ll!

When we got home from the cabin, we did an extreme van makeover in 24 hours. Out with the dog crates, in with the guitars and we headed out for parts unknown. Actually, we drove straight into the heat and dust of Odessa, Texas. Our friends Brent and Tina live there. Unfortunately, it’s a seven hour drive from our doorstep to theirs. Thankfully, it’s a really scenic drive.  Wellllll, scenic may be stretching it just a little. Okay, a lot. But, I made the most of my time as a passenger.

In this one town, it looks like you might drive right into this pretty building.

I’m sure it’s not a mermaid holding a knife, but wouldn’t it be cool if it was?

It was on this trip to Odessa, as I gazed at the science-fictionesque wind farms on the flat Texas horizon,  that I realized I would like to be a farmer — a wind farmer. I think I might be good at it. I don’t know what wind farmers do, but I figure there’s no tractors and even if it gets hot, there’s always a nice breeze.

These things really freak me out a little bit.

The one, and maybe only thing, I appreciated about this long drive to Odessa was the blue sky.

I also appreciated the fact that we were heading for the wine shop! And, Nathan was meeting Clay and Brent to play some tunes and do some recording. Tina’s big Italian family was all there and it was a lot of fun. I was also introduced to something called a “wine slush” — my summers may never be the same.

The guys played some tunes.

Nathan played his mandolin and dobro with Tina’s cousin L.D. who is a musician.

I just love the mandolin and hate that it often get pigeon-holed as a bluegrass instrument.

There were friends and babies and wine and music …

Tina, Clay, Brent and Baby Rhett

The best queso we’ve ever had … an all night recording session … and a long “scenic” drive back home.

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